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Pristine Ponderings began in 2020 with the goal of ‘writing a little bit for me, and a little bit for you.’ I put out creative pieces, stories, essays and articles that were close to my heart and reflected my feelings- or as I call it- my pristine ponderings.

Unfortunately, only ten such blog posts later, my website crashed due to a technical issue with the webpage hosting and I lost all my content- including my written work and your lovely comments . After working on the issue for the past few months, we have thankfully been able to restore my page, but without any of the content which was there previously.

Nonetheless, I now wish to use this opportunity to upgrade my blog with a new theme, new content and a new (positive) outlook. And as for you, I suggest that you sit tight as I restore my content because boy, you’ve got some good content coming your way very soon!

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