Aamchi Mumbai

You've healed so wonderfully,
As if your wounds were never there,
And yet you show them off with pride
Without reminiscing in despair

The scars on the walls of Leopold,
Cama, Nariman and Taj, to name a few
Just gave you another reason
To bravely pull through.

The souls of the people,
Much like your wounds
Lay scarred with unpleasant memories
And yet they continue to heal and make you,
Much like a heroic platoon

And I know this for a fact,
Because my Aunty's eyes narrate.
Speaking as a representative of the city,
"We rebuilt it with grit, making it great."

Today as I ride in my Kaali Peeli,
Crossing the sea link, staring at the sea,
I think about your strength and spirit
And decide that there is no place better to be

I then take a walk at Marine Drive,
Where a stranger comes up to me and says,
"You look happy, stay that way," for no reason
And that just makes my day.

I keep walking ahead,
Waving the stranger goodbye.
And suddenly I realise, as to why they call it
Aamchi Mumbai


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